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USA Pavilion


Auroville's International Zone will be a humming center of activity. Pavilions of each nation will conduct research on different aspects of the nation in light of the evolution of consciousness. Cultural and educational activities of the pavilion will express the results of these studies.

So far the Indian Pavilion (Bharat Nivas), Tibetan Pavilion, and Unity Pavilion, which will accommodate all those countries that are not yet ready to start their pavilions, are near completion. Several other pavilions, such as the German Pavilion and Italian Pavilion, soon plan to begin construction.

The USA has been exploring ways to represent the national soul of the USA for years. Two main themes that emerged from these discussions included youthful energy, and sustainable eco-building. In 2001 enough money was raised to actually begin construction of an off-the-grid student dormitory. These funds, together with an offer of collaboration from the Design-Build Program at the University of Washington enabled AVIUSA to begin construction of a Student Dormitory as the first phase of the US Pavilion.

The team of 42 students and faculty arrived in Auroville in early January 2001, and started construction on the Student Guest House. With great enthusiasm and energy, they laid the foundation, built the walls and planted the garden (see pictures).

The US Student Dormitory is nearing completion. It is one of the most eco-friendly buildings in Auroville, with five main elements of sustainability: use of compressed earth bricks and ferro cement, use of solar power, water harvesting, a gray water system, and composting toilets. As far as youthfulness, the Dormitory hosts university groups from the USA that are studying in Auroville.

The second phase of the building, which will include a kitchen, dining hall, and caretaker unit, is currently in its design phase.


For more information

Please visit the Americas Area section of the Auroville website (particularly the USA Pavilion Starts Off page), read our Evolve Newsletter, or contact us.

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