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Please support Auroville International USA's work by joining our new membership program.

Auroville International USA aims to support Auroville's development and its projects. If you are interested in getting involved with any of Auroville's projects, please contact us.

Auroville International USA is a tax-exempt nonprofit under section 501(c)(3). This means that you can make a tax-deductible donation to Auroville International USA, and we will forward it to the project of your choice in Auroville. We do take a 1/12th deduction from donations passing through Auroville International USA to cover our operating expenses.

If you are thinking of making a sizeable donation, we encourage you to consider creating a matching program. Our recent success with the Mahalakshmi at Play Triple Matching Program has shown us how willing people are to help each other support a cause.

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