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Auroville International Meeting 2002

Friday July 19th - Wednesday July 24th, 2002


Sequoia Seminar, near Santa Cruz, California, USA

Conference Reports

You can download the final report in PDF format (130 kb, 40 pages), which includes more information than the individual reports below.

If you are only interested in a few sessions, you can look at the session summaries of each day, or of individual sessions by clicking on the links in the program below. Blue links are "live", grey links are not yet functional. Please check the final report (above), if you are interested in a greyed-out session below. Most of the documents require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free.

If you have any feedback, please send it to: info@aviusa.org, and also copy it to avi@auroville.org.in. Thank you.


Photos of AVI Conferences are available on the Auroville Website.

Auroville International Conference 2002 Program




Friday July 19th


The Gathering



AVI Board Meeting & General Arrivals



Facilitator: Wolfgang Schmidt-Reinecke


Keynote Address - Dr. Ananda Reddy



Who are we and what are we doing here? What role does the World have in the life of Auroville? How do Aurovilians and those outside form one community?




Saturday July 20th


Auroville Today: Spiritual and Material Aspects of Auroville and Auroville International



General Interest Topics



Facilitator: Julian Lines


Opening session/consecration/invocation - Bill Leon & Everyone



This is where we come together as a group, sharing our aspirations for the next few days (think about this beforehand), creating a harmonious working atmosphere for the rest of the conference


Securing the Land for Auroville - Guy Ryckaert



Securing the land for Auroville is not just another project in Auroville - it is the very basis for the realization of the Auroville township. Without the land, the City cannot be built and the greenbelt, which is necessary to maintain an ecological balance, cannot manifest. In the face of rampant speculation and inflation, Auroville is prioritizing certain areas for purchase and exploring ways to acquire the necessary funds.


The Tamils and Villages in Auroville - Bhavana Dee



Whether being employed by the community, or actually becoming Aurovilians, the local Tamils have played a key role in the development of the City of Dawn. What next?


Matrimandir - Michael Bonke



The construction of the Matrimandir is advancing rapidly. Michael will present a current slideshow report on the current state of affairs.


Influence of Integral Yoga on Western Thought - Wolfgang Schmidt-Reinecke & Dr. Ananda Reddy



Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga has influenced prominent thinkers in the West, and can be found at the foundation of these thinker's physical and literary creations.


Live Moroccan Music - Amarg



International Zone? Culture? Music? Africa? You bet!




Sunday July 21st


The International Zone - report with details on each session



Facilitator: Megan Thomas


Centers present their involvement in the International Zone - AVI Centers



What is the current IZ status? Those centers that have been working on their presence in the International Zone will give a brief report on their current status


Moderated Forum: Defining the International Zone - Panel Discussion



Ideally what should the IZ be? A panel discussion with Helmut, Jill, Tekeste, Peter, Ananda Reddy and Tine


Discussion: Role of AVIs in the International Zone & the Pavilions - Everyone



Follows from previous two discussions: Given the current involvement of the AVIs in the IZ, and given the ideals just discussed, what role should the AVIs and the World ideally play in the International Zone? What role does the International Zone play in the World?


Water Issues in Auroville and the International Zone - Jill Navarre



Auroville has important water issues, which need to be considered when planning a collective infrastructure for the International Zone


Dynamic Programming - To Be Arranged



You will be bringing new perspectives on the topics being discussed, and probably even new topics that are not included in the program. This time is available for us to discuss something important as a group, or for smaller breakout sessions focused on several topics.


Variety Show: Poetry, Music, Storytelling and More - Savitra, Amrit, Chandresh, Paula, Everyone



Savitra will bring back the old days with some songs, Amrit and others will read some of their poetry, and Paula will tell us a story. Maybe you'll also be inspired to share?




Monday July 22nd


Being Together Here and Now



Facilitator: Excursion day - facilitator not needed


Consensus Decision Making Workshop - Megan Thomas



This is a day of coming together. We will take one of the smaller unresolved topics discussed on Saturday or Sunday and use it as material for a consensus decision making workshop.


Expedition in Groups with Packed Lunch



Spend six hours building personal contacts, group-building and stretching your legs as you explore California. These are your expedition choices:
1) Big Basin to Waddell Beach Hike - 6 miles gently downhill along a creek and through several different habitats
2) Henry Cowell Redwoods Park and Natural Bridges Beach by Van - get the best of 1 above, but with a LOT less walking
3) Monterey Bay Aquarium - Explore the Monterey Bay's unique marine and coastal habitats at one of the nations finest aquaria. Limit of 30 participants. Approx 3 hours total driving (networking) time.


Ohlone Indian Storytelling & Chants/Devotional Music from India - Ohlone Elder Patrick Orozco & Amrita Banerji



We have just spent all day exploring the land, which has been home to the Ohlone Indians for over 10,000 years. Ohlone Elder Patrick Orozco will join us to share the story of his people and their culture. Amrita Banerji will continue the evening with chants and devotional music from India.




Tuesday July 23rd


The Work of Auroville International (Tue/Wed Report)



Facilitator: Bill Leon


Reports from Auroville International Centers - AVI Centers



The Auroville International Centers will report on their recent events/projects, current focus, and future outlook.


Best Practices of Auroville International - AVI Centers



The Auroville International Centers are all working for the same cause, and can learn from each other's success stories - share and grow.


Coordination of AVI with Auroville's Outreach - AVI Centers & Everyone



How can those who produce outreach materials (Aurovilians) such as videos, books, etc work more closely with Auroville's overseas network (the AVI Centers & others) to produce timely materials that help bring Auroville and the West together/in sych?


Changing Role of AVI & the Role of Auroville's Spirit in the AVI Organization - AVI Centers & Everyone



With the advent of the internet and communication technologies, the AVI Organization can respond to Auroville's developments more rapidly. With this change in communication, how has our role changed? How can we be more in tune with what's going on in Auroville? What are the potentials?


Dynamic Programming - To Be Arranged



You will be bringing new perspectives on the topics being discussed, and probably even new topics that are not included in the program. This time is available for us to discuss something important as a group, or for smaller breakout sessions focused on several topics. Do you still need to work on your skit that you're presenting after dinner?


AVI Follies - Everyone



Long, long time ago, on Friday or Saturday, you and a couple of others were given a topic around which to build a short performance. You've worked it out now, and are eager to share it with us all, eager to see what the others have come up with, and eager to have some fun!




Wednesday July 24th


Looking Forward (Tue/Wed Report)



Facilitator: Paula Murphy


Summarize concrete outcomes of meeting - Volunteers



What have we achieved? A three-minute summary of the concrete outcome, or a synthesis of the different perspectives, of each of the sessions will be presented by those individuals who volunteered on Saturday to do this. If time permits, start next session early.


Future Direction, Sharing, Closing Session - Everyone



Where do we go from here? Share revelations, new determinations and directions that resulted from this conference. We were undoubtedly all grateful to be here; let's refrain from lengthy outbursts to that effect :-)

Location Map
Location: under the giant redwoods in the hills of coastal California. Click image for a real roadmap.


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